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Manufacturer & Distributor of pipeline protection products: polywrap (Polyethylene Encasement), cathodic protection, Test Boards, Warning Tapes, Wire, Pipe tapes and Coatings. Tubular Polyethylene protection for ductile iron, cast iron, steel, copper pipe. crescent pipe tongs and valve tongs, valve can cleanout, hydraulic tools, ICS Chain Saw, shovels, digging bars, chlorinators/ Dechlorinators, paint & brushes, geotextiles & liners, trenton Wax Tape, upc 10/20 mil pipe tape, PTFE, underground marking tapes, duct tapes.

Pipeline accessories: Aervoe upside Down Marking Paint, Line markers, Tracer wire, Splice Kits, lubricants, manhole encapsulation, flange insulation kits, pull rope, pipe diapers, Redwood Pipe Plugs, water plug, end seals. Safety products include barricade tapes, signs & tags, safety glasses & vests, hard hats, epoxy kits. Warehouse supplies include stretch wrap, carton sealing tape, oil sorbents, parts bags, gloves, belts, rope, tarp, Pavement Markers, Traffic Dots, Brooms & hand cleaners. Markets served include piping & construction industries.

Pipe protection

Polywrap/Polyethylene Encasement , Poly-C Plastic Sleeve for Copper, 3'x100' Poly Visqueen, Trenton Wax Tape, Cathodic Protection Accessories, No-Ox-Id, Metal Guarding Grease, Stopaq, Flange Insulation, Versil-Pak, HydraTech, Polyken Systems. Learn More...

Pipeline accessories

Coatings & Mastics

Cathodic protection

Geotextiles, liners & filter fabric

Mirafi & Miradrain filter fabric, Filter Sock, Visqueen / Poly Sheeting, Pond & Ditch Liners, Silt Fencing, Burlap Bags & Tarps. Learn More...


Crescent Pipe Tongs, Crescent Valve Can Cleanouts, Valve Tongs, Razorback Shovels and Digging Bars, ICS Concrete Chain Saw, 3M RFID Balls & Locators, Hydraulic Tools, Chlorinator / Dechlorinator, Aquatap Tapping System, Micro Blaster, Paint Brushes / Rollers, Painting Supplies, Flashlight, Wizard Wrap, Aervoe Solar & Power, Learn More...


UPC Pipe Tape, Detectable/Non-Detectable Warning Tape, Trenton Wax Tape, Tek-Rap, Protecto Wrap, Bit Wrap, PTFE Tape, Polyken #930. Learn More...

Safety products

Barricade Tape, Signs & Tags, Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses, Safety Vests, Aervoe Marking Paint & Chalk, Western Hard Hats, Traffic Dots & Epoxy Kits. Learn More...

Warehouse supplies

Stretch Wrap, Stretch Wrap Machines, Steel Strapping, Strapping Tape, Carton Sealing Tape, Filament Tape, Oil Sorbent & Floor Treatment, Parts Bags, Gloves & Back Support Belts, Rope & Rubber Tarp Straps, Permatex Hand Cleaner & Dispenser, Rain Gear. Learn More...

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Manufacturer and Distributor of Pipeline Protection Products,
Polyethylene Encasement For Ductile Iron Pipe
Underground Tapes, Pipe Coatings, Pipe Tapes, Cathodic Protection and Pipe Products

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