PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 conductor meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM specifications, requirements of the National Electrical Code.

  • ASTM B869: Standard Specification 21% IACS, Hard Drawn, Copper-Clad Steel Wire.
  • ASTM B170: Standard Specification for Oxygen-Free Electrolytic Copper.
  • ASTM D1238: Standard Test Method for Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer.


PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 tracer wire has almost 600% the breakload of copper, which allows 1 wire to be installed in directional boring, plow-in, or open-trench applications.  This tracer wire provides the perfect balance between strength, ductility, and brittleness to ensure durability.  When copper tracer wire is used, 2 to 5 wires may be used to obtain the needed strength to prevent breakage. In comparison, using 1 wire of 12, 10, or 8 AWG HDD-CCS is successful and costs substantially less.  Bottom line is PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS tracer wire is superior to copper in strength and durability.  Take a look at some of the advantages.

  • Designed for directional boring, plow-in, or open trench using 1 wire
  • Perfect Balance Between Tensile Strength, Ductility, and Brittleness
  • Has Almost 6X the break-load of Copper
  • Corrosion Resistant Properties of Copper
  • Tracer Wire Performance Equal to Copper
  • High-Density, HMWPE Insulation, and Direct Burial Rated
  • Significantly Lower in Cost and Great Price Stability
  • Most Durable Tracer Wire on the Market


PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 is a hard-drawn, copper-clad steel conductor. A carbon steel core, metallurgically bonded with a copper cladding, that is uniform and continuous, creating a bi-metal conductor that acts as one and is corrosion resistant. The high breakload of HDD-CCS allows only 1 conductor to be used in any tracer wire application while providing the perfect balance between breakload, ductility, and decreasing brittleness. It is the best performing tracer wire on the market.

PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 is protected with a 45 mil, high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) insulation. HDPE provides an excellent balance of surface smoothness, processing ease and electrical consistency. HDPE provides superior strength against underground elements that help prevent accidental breaks caused buy rocks in shifting soil conditions.

TABLE 1: CONDUCTOR PROPERTIES (Physical, Mechanical and Electrical)

Table 1

TABLE 2: INSULATION PROPERTIES (Physical, Mechanical and Electrical)

Table 2


Table 3


Tracer wire for directional drilling installation shall be a 12 AWG solid, PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45. Conductor shall be hard-drawn, 21% IACS, copper clad steel, utilizing a AISI 1045 high carbon steel core (required to meet break load), with rated break load of 1,030 lbs (201,000 psi). Conductor shall be extruded with a 45 mil, high-density polyethylene, and meet the APWA color code of the buried utility line. Tracer wire shall be rated for direct burial use at 30 volts and RoHS compliant. Made in the USA.

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