Temcoat is an anti-corrosive compound for use in high ambient temperatures. It is over-wrapped with Trenton Poly-Ply.

  • Description: TEMCOAT is a high temperature petrolatum wax coating compound that will not melt and can be applied at ambient temperatures up to 200° F. It does not require a primer or curing time and is easily hand applied.

  • End Use: TEMCOAT is used as an anti-corrosion compound for underground and under water metal surfaces. It is used as a mastic in cold-applied wax systems or as priming paste with wax tape systems. Because of its paste consistency over a wide temperature range, it is an excellent mastic for filling voids in both systems. It can be used for straight pipe, irregular fittings, and flat surfaces.

  • Packaging: 3 gallon pails (approx. 24 pounds/pail)


  • Supports cathodic protection
  • Withstands high ambient temperatures
  • Goes on easily
  • No primer required
  • No waiting for drying or curing
Material Safety Data Sheet Product Data Sheet

Color Brown
Pour Point Non-melting
Flash Point 350° F (minimum)
Dielectric strength 100 volts per mil
Application Temperature 32° - 200° F

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