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The PowerMate collects energy from the sun to recharge or directly operate a variety of small appliances and other devices.  When paired with our Power Center it will collect the energy and store it in the Power Center for use when you need it. 

  • Monocrystalline solar panel
  • Output:  8W, 16V ~ 500 mAh DC
  • 77 in. hardwired cord
  • 3.125 lbs
  • Dimensions folded:  9" x 12.5" x .75"
  • Dimensions unfolded:  21.5" x 9" x .375"
  • Includes 2 adapters:
    • 16V x 12V DC female vehicle adapter to use with your specific device's 12V DC charger
    • 12V x 6V DC male vehicle adapter provides the transition to any 6V device, such as Wind 'N Go® or SolaDyne® products.
    Uses:  charge cell phones, iPhone®, iPod®, iPad®, cameras, GPS devices, Wind 'N Go®, SolaDyne® products, another similar devices.


The Sierra Wave 30-Watt Solar Collector is a portable monocrystaline solar collection panel used to generate energy to power a variety of portable electronic devices. The panel will collect 30 watts of energy from the large solar panels which may be used to directly charge a device or store the energy in an accessory storage device, such as the #6994 Power Center100. Up to 3 units may be chained together to create 90 watts of power, using the accessory Chainable Cable #9501.

  • Power Center100 charging cable
  • Barrel power adapter
  • Battery clamps
  • 7-Amp Charge Controller prevents battery overcharge, over discharge, and load protection

Applications: Tools, work lights, vehicle batteries (trickle charge), laptops, camera equipment, and many Wind 'N Go®, SolaDyne®, and Aervoe rechargeable items.


(Power Storage) Power Center100

Generate, store and distribute power to many small appliances, tools, and personal electronic devices. When fully charged, the Power Center will remain charged for 90+ days making it ideal as a backup power supply during any power outage.

Charge the Power Center in four ways:  120V electrical wall outlet, 12V vehicle outlet, dynamo hand crank, or from an accessory solar panel.
Use the stored power in four ways:  Directly operate or charge up appliances and devices using the 120V AC socket, 12V DC socket, 2.0 USB port, or through the battery jumper cables.

  • Large capacity 12 amp-hour battery
  • 1 Watt LED spotlight
  • 3 LED red flashing light
  • LCD display
  • Battery level indicator
  • Jump starting cables
  • Dynamo hand crank
  • Two DC-IN ports
  • 2.0 USB outlet
  • 120V AC power outlet (100 watts)
  • 12V DC power outlet

Matches perfectly with the #6996 Max Burton PowerMate Solar Collector, an 8-watt solar panel that plugs right into the Power Center to charge it.

Applications:  Camping, on the job site, and other remote locations.





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