Valve Tongs

For handling and installation of gate valves up to 1000 lbs, where the operating nut and valve stem are required to be at a 90° angle to the pipeline.

Crescent Valve Tong Model A


The model A Valve Tong has two lifting plates, one of which opens to accept the valve stem, the other closes and locks under a standard 2" operating nut. Once the valve is lifted, it cannot slip out of the tong until it is safely installed or landed on the ground.

Model A Valve Tong

Crescent Valve Tong Model B

Model B Valve Tong


The model B Valve Tong is for use on gate valves where clearance under the operating nut and valve bonnet is limited. Being of single piece construction, it is able to be placed under the operating nut and onto the forks for safe lifting operations.

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