Pipeline Protection Products, Underground Tapes,
Polyethylene Encasement For Ductile Iron Pipe
Pipe Coatings, Pipe Tapes, Cathodic Protection, Safety Products.


Northtown headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.


Manufacturer & Distributor of pipeline protection products: polywrap, cathodic protection, Test Boards, Warning Tapes, Wire, Pipe tapes and Coatings. Tubular Polyethylene protection for ductile iron, cast iron, steel, copper pipe. crescent pipe and valve tongs, valve can cleanout, hydraulic tools, iCS Chain saw, shovels, digging bars, chlorinators/ Dechlorinators, paint & brushes, geotextiles & liners, trenton Wax Tape, upc 10/20 mil tape, teflon, underground marking tapes, duct tapes.

Pipeline accessories: line markers, tracer wire, Splice Kits, lubricants, manhole encapsulation, flange insulation kits, pull rope, pipe diapers, water plug, end seals. Safety products include barricade tapes, signs & tags, safety glasses & vests, hard hats, epoxy kits. Warehouse supplies include stretch wrap, carton sealing tape, oil sorbents, parts bags, gloves, belts, rope, tarp, Pavement Markers, Traffic Dots, Brooms & hand cleaners. Markets served include piping & construction industries.

For immediate assistance, call 800 -WRAP-A-PIPE (800-972-7274)
Northtown Company - Manufacturer and Distributor of Pipeline Protection Products, Underground Tapes,
Pipe Coatings, Pipe Tapes, Cathodic Protection and Pipe Products
5202 Argosy Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 - Phone: 714-897-0700 - Fax: 714-897-0600