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Carsonite Utility
Carsonite Curv-Flex® Marker
Carsonite Dual Sided Marker
Carsonite Utility I.D. Post
Fiberglass reinforced composite
Fiberglass reinforced composite
Fiberglass reinforced composite
Fiberglass reinforced composite
3.75" (99mm)
4" (102mm)
3.8" (97mm)
2.5" (6.35mm)
62" (1.575m), 66" (1.676m), 72" (1.829m), 78" (1.981m)
66" (1.676m), 72" (1.829m)
66" (1.676m), 72" (1.829m), 78" (1.981m)
60" (1.254m), 66" (1.676m), 72" (1.829m)
2.5 lbs (62") 1.134kg (1.575m)
1.9 lbs (62") 862g (1.575m)
2.5 lbs (62") 1.134kg (1.575m)
2.2 lbs (72") 998g (1.829m)
White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07), Blue (08)
White (01), Yellow (02),
White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04),
White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04),


For high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines, the Carsonite Utility Marker is the Perfect choice. This trademarked three-rail design combines structural integrity with above ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals. Easy to install and lightweight for ease of transportation in the field. Because it's virtually impossible to remove without proper equipment. CRM30
The most flexible marker available. Recommended for areas where vehicle impacts are likely. The trademarked curve and flange profile, along with special fiberglass reinforced material, allows this marker to withstand Direct tire impacts and return to its original upright position. Often used to mark culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants and electrical station outlets. Use for either single or dual sided identification. CFR40
Recessed decal surfaces on both sides of this post are perfect for dual-sided marking of direct buried utility services. The raised, reinforced ribs along each side will prevent scratching or removal of legend if impacted. Made from Carsonite fiberglass composite material, the Dual Sided Marker is resistant to vandalism, UV exposure and extreme temperature changes. Designed for years of service. CIB30
The Utility I.D. Post is ideal for identifying hard-to-see utility fixtures, pedestals, hydrants, valves, right-of-ways and more. Highly visible colors and warning decals make your message extremely visible in areas of overgrown vegetation or drifting snow. The Utility I.D. Post has a back rib for structural strength, rigidity and ease of installation. Virtually unaffected by harsh climates. CBM20



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