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HydraTech engineered pipeline repair solutions

HydraTech Engineered Products specializes in world-class coatings and sealing systems for trenchless pipeline repair, waterline/vessel repair and reservoir waterproofing. HydraTech’s unique product line, supported by the company’s quality engineering, technical and manufacturing services have made the company’s products a popular choice for many industries worldwide. All HydraTech products have been designed, engineered and tested to provide highly reliable performance. All are appropriately certified and adhere to applicable standards and regulations and are manufactured and backed by the company’s skilled technical specialists (see individual products for details).


Product Information:
  • Hydratite® - (ideal for pipeline and storm drain repair) - is an internal sealing system that offers customized mechanical remediation without excavation. Featuring rapid installation and return-to-service, HydraTite® has been proven ideal for emergency repairs.
  • Hydrawrap® - (ideal for marine and industrial pipeline repair) - provides a corrosion barrier for degrading piping (thin wall & through wall). Installed with common tools in less than 30 minutes, HydraWrap prevents unplanned shutdowns.
  • (More coming soon)
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