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ICS Concrete Cutting Saw


The Technology
ICS Concrete Chain Saws let you make deeper, cleaner and more accurate cuts, in less time. Deeper cuts and square corners means getting the job done with fewer steps. No more trying to match up cuts from both sides. No more impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding concrete or masonry. No more over-cutting corners. Eliminating over-cuts reduces patchwork. Cut deep. Cut fast. Cut all the way through from one side.

Principal Technology Advantages
• Deep Cuts (up to 25”)
• Square Corners
• Tight Spaces
• Single-Side Access

• Small Holes (3” x 3”)
• Lightweight & Portable
• Time Savings
• No Rotational “Kickback” (Grinding vs. Chipping)



The NEW 680GC
A Whole Different Animal

The 680GC is the much anticipated revolution in concrete chain saws. Built to be the most reliable gas saw ICS® has ever produced, it’s packed with innovations.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


The 633GC
Power and Finesse in One Package

The 633GC is the most powerful gas saw in the ICS® product line.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


The 603GC
Portable and Affordable Versatility

The 603GC is designed to be an affordable, light-duty workhorse.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)

  The 880F4
A Great Saw with a Bad Attitude

The new 880F4 cutting system offers the superior strength of FORCE4™
technology in a package that meets industry standards of design and ergonomics.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


The NEW 880F4-FL
Make Flush Cuts Fast and Simple

When you’re in a tight spot,choose the 880F4-FL. The unique flush-cut design of these saws allows them to cut within 3/16 inches (4.8 mm) from walls or floors, bringing the precision of Diamond Chain Technology™ to a new level.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


The 814PRO
Big Peformance in a Small Package

It may be small, but with as much power as its big brother the 853PRO, the 814PRO is ready for the big jobs.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


The 14H
Extraordinary Peformance for Ordinary Tasks

The 14H hydraulic direct-drive saw is a rugged and versatile tool that cuts cleanly and quickly through concrete, steel, stone, composition material, or hard fiber.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


Diamond Chains

Diamond Chain Technology™ is a revolution in concrete cutting. Diamond segments laser-welded to a steel chassis grind through concrete and other aggregate material, eliminating kickback and the damage that percussive methods can cause.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


Plunge the Depths

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


2-Stroke Engine Oil
Protect Your Investment

Intensive laboratory and field testing have resulted in an oil formula that is cleaner burning, provides better thermal protection and an improved film barrier reducing piston ring wear. Protect your investment with work-proven ICS 2-stroke oil.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


NEW SpeedHook®
Reduce Operator Fatigue and Extend Chain Life with SpedHook®.

SpeedHook® is an ingenious accessory designed to support the weight of ICS® saws, dramatically reducing operator fatigue, ensuring straight cuts, and extending chain life.

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


P95 Powerpack®
Portable Power for the Professional Cutter

ICS® gas operated power packs are a dependable, self-contained source of hydraulic power that offer superior cooling capacity. The functional, ergonomic design makes them easily transportable to any job site

Information / Datasheet (pdf)


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