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3M Marker Balls

Engineered for narrow trench applications up to 5' in depth, the 4" diameter ball marker has a unique, patented self-leveling feature that ensures an accurate, horizontal position regardless of how it is placed in the ground.

The 1400 serious iD ball markers can be programmed to include customer-specific information such as facility data, type of application, material type and size, placement date and other important details. ID markers come programmed with a unique identification number, which is also attached to the marker on a removable bar-coded tag for future reference.

1403 & 1423-XR/ID
1404 & 1424-XR/ID
1408 & 1428-XR/ID
Reclaimed Water
1402 & 1422-XR/ID
1421 & 1425-XR/ID


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