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PWL 600

Pipe Joint Lubricant - Pipe Lube

Data Sheet
Data Sheet



NO-OX-ID "PWL 600" is a heavy-duty grease type rust preventive designed primarily for hot applications. This versatile coating leaves a thick, dark amber, semi-transparent, non-drying film that is easy to apply and easy to remove. In one coat, NO-OX-ID "PWL 600" gives maximum protection from water, weathering and corrosive atmospheres.

DESCRIPTION - NO-OX-ID PWL-600 Protective Coating is designed and prepared for cold application. The materials used in this coating are all refined and blended with the best known and accepted corrosion inhibitors. NO-OX-ID PWL-600 is non-oxidizing and is not subject to physical or chemical changes. With the use of NO-OX-ID PWL-600
moisture penetration is reduced to a minimum. The use of this coating eliminates the operation of heating kettles and heavy equipment - while providing effective, economical protection.

APPLICATION - Cold applied by hand - using canvas or leather faced glove. Can also be applied by airless spray equipment. NO-OX-ID PWL-600 should be applied at 1/4 inch minimum coating thickness. Before application, steel surface should be clean, dry and free of foreign substances. No primer is required with NO-OX-ID PWL-600.

    * NO-OX-ID PWL-600 contains no solvents or fillers.
    * Refined base materials, best chemical corrosion inhibitors.
    * Minimum moisture penetration.
    * No deterioration by oxidation, no change in composition.
    * No primer necessary. Strong secure bond with one
    * Minimum thickness, less handling.
    * Convenience of application, hand applied or airless spray.
    * No heating equipment required.
    * Pliable, plastic nature retained for indefinite period.
    * A conveniently handled coating material for initial coating
    and reconditioning work.
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