Design and Style
Smith & Wesson entered the industrial safety market with revolutionary designs. Our Smith & Wesson and Olympic glasses exceed ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 High Velocity Industrial Standards and set new standards for style and comfort. The line is composed of a variety of frame styles and finishes with four basic lens tints: clear, smoke, color mirror and yellow. Other lens tints include polarized gray, copper blue block, orange, #3 and #5 filter lenses, teal, gradient indoor/outdoor and metallic mirror. All our lenses provide maximum ultraviolet protection

Distortion Free
Each of our polycarbonate lens is cut from the distortion-free center of a single optical blank. The Cut-To-Edge lens manufacturing process is standard for ophthalmic grade products. Frontal and peripheral lens distortion is eliminated. Basic industrial safety glasses use a mold-to-shape process, which increases distortion and defects. Smith & Wesson and Olympic lenses are coated and cured twice to increase resistance to scratching. This process reduces the need for replacement lenses.

Wearer comfort is also a key feature of Smith Wesson and Olympic eyewear. Our styles weigh one ounce or less and most come with an ergonomic nose pad with self-adjusting fingers to eliminate constant slippage. Another important comfort feature in a number of our styles is adjustable temples with multiple settings.

The prestigious name of Smith & Wesson along with contemporary styling has increased industrial users wearing the glasses at work and home reinforcing emphasis of safety at both locations.


The Smith & Wesson Hearing Protection line-up consists of the Suppressor Ear Muffs and Quik-Fit Corded Earplugs. All combine exceptional comfort with superior performance.

Increased Protection
The Smith & Wesson Quik-Fit earplugs utilize a swept-back triple flange design. This unique design accomplishes several purposes. The flanges are ultra thin and molded of a highly flexible material to enhance worker comfort. Insertion into the ear canal is faster and more comfortable than traditional straight flange earplugs. The larger sealing area offered by the swept-back flange design allows the greatest amount of contact between the ear canal surfaces and the earplug flanges. The ear canal is more effectively occluded by this design feature. Increased worker protection is a result.

The Quik-Fit swept-back triple flange design allows for a single-sized earplug to fit a wider range of ear canal sizes. Multiple sizes and inventory are unnecessary. The Quik-Fit is reusable and washable. Noise Reduction Rating of 22 allows this earplug to be used in the noisiest of industrial environments.

The Smith & Wesson Suppressor earmuffs are of the most contemporary design and fabrication. Its plastic construction makes it lightweight for wearer comfort and nonconductive for wearer safety in rugged industrial applications. The plastic headband maintains the proper minimum tension and shape necessary to provide a NRR of 25. A contoured, padded headband promotes a secure, comfortable fit.

Customized Fit
The Suppressor ear cups feature soft, comfortable foam-filled cushions for greater protection and comfort. Sliding ear cup adjustments allow for a customized fit. The pivoting ear cup attachments allow for the wearer to maintain the proper seal and ear cup alignment necessary to receive the greatest protection against damaging noise.

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