Reflective and Non-Reflective Traffic Dots
Pavement Markers

Markers consist of an ABS plastic shell filled with a tightly adherent potting compound. The shell contains one or two glass covered prismatic retroreflective faces as required to reflect light from single or opposite directions.

Product Data Sheet

Traffic Dot Epoxy and Butyl Pads

Surface Mount Epoxy Kits
Surface Mount Butyl Pads
  • Two-part epoxy permanently anchors surface-mount flex posts
  • Adheres to concrete or asphalt surfaces

Butyl pads are a quick and easy way to affix traffic control devices to asphalt or concrete surfaces. Simply peel one of the transfer paper panels from the pad, apply the pad to the device, peel off the other paper panel and apply to a clean surface.

Butyl Pad, 4" x 4" & 8" x 8"

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