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Multi-Chlor Liquid Chlorine

MultiChlor is a Filtered, 12.5% NaOCl liquid chlorine sanitizer especially formulated for disinfecting and sanitizing industrial and water treatment equipment.  It also controls odor, destroys molds, and chlorinates the water supply.




Features and Benefits

  • Active:  Effective against all microorganisms; bacteriophages and spores at higher temperatures and longer contact times.
  • Economical:  One of the least expensive and most effective sanitizers available.  Contains at least 12.5% available chlorine.
  • Effective:  Performance unaffected by hard water salts.
  • Easy to Use:  Easily dispensed and controlled.  Required concentration easily measured with convenient field test.
  • No Rinsing:  Treated surfaces do not require a potable water rinse at dilution rates of 200 ppm available chlorine or less.

Product Literature

Download the MULTI-CHLOR® Liquid Chlorine product data sheet 
Download the MULTI-CHLOR® Liquid Chlorine MSDS

Product Applications
•  Industrial Water Treatment •  Pulp & Paper
•  Potable Water •  Restaurant
•  Private Water Supplies •  Food Safety
•  Industrial Cyanide Waste •  Pipeline Disinfection

Regulatory Information
•  EPA No. 1258-427
•  NSF Standard 60 Drinking Water Additives
•  Meets AWWA Standard B300-04

Packaging Information

Multi-Chlor 12.5% sodium hypochlorite liquid chlorine 4 x 1 gal Case

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