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Spiral Wound Gaskets are used for applications with high temperature variations (thermal cycling), pressure variations, or flange rotation problems, gaskets with adequate flexibility and recovery are required. Spiral wound gaskets are designed to meet these demanding conditions.

Spiral wound gaskets are made of a preformed metallic strip and a soft filler material (PTFE, Non-Asbestos or Flexible Graphite), wound together under pressure. The metal strip, in 304, or 316 Stainless Steel, holds the filler resulting in excellent mechanical resistance, resilience and recovery. An inner and/or outer retaining ring option is available in 304 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel.

These gaskets are available in standard ANSI pipe flange dimensions from 1/2” and pressures from 150 psi to 2500 PSI.


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Filler Material Max Temperature

232°C (450 °F)

Flexible Graphite

450°C (842 °F)*


260°C (500 °F)


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