Cathodic Protection
Erico Cadweld


ERICO CADWELD connections are the accepted method of attaching Cathodic Protection leads to pipes (Steel or cast iron), tanks and structures.

ERICO CADWELD connections weld the conductors and the structure to be protected so no galvanic corrosion can occur at the interface. The CADWELD process is specifically formulated to provide minimum heat effect on steel, which is especially important on thin-wall, high-stress pipes.

ERICO CADWELD connections are also used for header cable taps, conductor splices and terminations, and ground rod connections

ERICO is the pioneer of the CADWELD exothermic Welding Process for permanent Cathodic Protection connections. Specifying the CADWELD Process in your construction plans will dramatically extend the lifespan of infrastructure systems.


A CADWELD Connection....

  • Has current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor.
  • Is permanent with a low resistance connection that cannot loosen or corrode
  • Uses lightweight, inexpensive equipment.
  • Requires no external source of power or heat.
  • Requires no special skills
  • Can be easily checked for quality.

CADWELD connections are made with a semi-permanent graphite mold, which holds the conductors to be welded. Weld metal ( a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum) is poured into the top of the mold. The mold is covered and the weld metal ignited. The exothermic reaction produces molten copper, which results in a permanent, high conductivity connection.

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