Drain-Sleeve® is a seamless, knitted polyester fabric that provides years of service. It has a uniform opening size for consistent filtration and maximum water flow for drainage applications. This technology may eliminate or minimize the need for gravel or select backfill and produce significant savings in installation time, material, and labor while increasing performance and service life. Data Sheet: Detectable Marking Tape Data Sheet

According to research, Drain-Sleeve® had a higher level of success in preventing sediments from clogging the perforated pipe when compared to other geotextile (non-woven) wrapped pipes. The Drain-Sleeve® filter’s uniform opening size and wicking characteristics enable a higher water flow rate than any other and comes in a wide range of pipe diameter sizes. Whether you’re installing exterior foundation, interior foundation, gravel-less leach bed systems or low spot drainage, you’ll be able to find a filter size to accommodate your pipe diameter requirements.

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