HT50 Low/VOC Coal Tar Mastic

HyTech HT50 is a premium tough, durable VOC compliant bituminous based coating for lasting protection of iron & steel pipe, tanks, flanges, bolts and other bare structures. It is a high build, single component coal tar mastic for lasting protection against corrosion, and is particularly suited for quick repairs. HT50 contains less than 100 gms/liter VOC which meets the most stringent VOC requirements. Can be applied to new and reconditioned pipe. When applied over light rust it will stop further deterioration. Meets requirements of an architectural coating and/or an Industrial Maintenance Coating. Excellent exterior durability and adhesion over metal, wood, and concrete surfaces. Can be used above and below grade.


  • Easy to use
  • Self priming, single-coat capabilities
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Meets the most stringent Low / No VOC requirements
  • Can be used above and below grade
  • Can be applied to new and reconditioned pipe
  • Application up to 30 dry mils in a single coat
Material Safety Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
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